What Are The Advantages Of Modular Refineries?

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Traditional refinery builds don't suit every application or location. In some cases, a modular refinery is a better option. Here, a manufacturer builds a refinery to your exact specification in a series of component parts. You assemble these parts on-site to build a small and complete refinery set-up. 

What are the benefits of going with a modular crude oil refinery build?

Faster Construction Speed

Building a regular refinery takes time. You have to prepare your site and build your operation piece by piece. You'll have to install systems and test them during the build.

If you want to move faster, then a modular refinery is a quicker option. Your manufacturer assembles your refinery in sections in their facility. They test each part of the refinery before they release it. They then deliver sections to you, and you put them together on-site. This reduces the time it takes to build a refinery from scratch.

Higher Quality and Safety Standards

When you build a refinery on site, your building and systems have to meet various safety standards. If you can't find a local specialist with experience in this sector, then you might struggle to meet your obligations.

If you don't do this, then your project will be delayed while you put things right. You might also be fined if your refinery doesn't meet standards or codes, and you start using it because you weren't aware you had a problem.

If you use a modular build, then your manufacturer ensures that each part of your build meets your local codes and standards specifications. They also ensure that all parts of your build are safe to use.

Future Portability

You might not need to use small-site refineries for long periods. Sometimes, you'll set up a facility for a short period until you have tapped into all the site's resources.

You then have to decide what to do with your refinery building and structures. Typically, you'll have to dismantle them to clear the site. This takes time and money. You might not be able to reuse a lot of your materials.

If you install a modular refinery, then you can take your structures and buildings down just as easily as you put them up. You can reuse any or all of your sections in a future build. This gives you a more cost-effective long-term investment.

To find out more about how this type of refinery could suit your needs, contact modular refineries manufacturers.