Things To Keep In Mind When You Consider Purchasing A Steam Generator

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So, you have seen steam generators for sale and you are thinking that they might be a good fit for your manufacturing plant. How much do you really know about these machines? It helps to know as much as possible before you buy one or more steam generators. The following is a just a few things you should keep in mind.

​Steam Generators Need a Lot of Water, but Only Water

​Most steam generator descriptions state that these machines are "low-water content," but the machines cannot continue to produce all of the steam you expect them to without a continuous water supply. In fact, steam generators over the course of their functional lives will need millions of gallons/liters of water to generate steam. The more powerful the steam pressure required for a job, and the higher quality of steam you expect to get from the machines, the more water these machines will need and use. The only reason they are referred to as "low-water content" is because they require less water than a steam boiler.

​These Generators Run Hot

​As you can imagine, a steam generator is going to be very hot. It is hot to the touch when running, and it exudes a lot of humid warmth. If you need to keep an area of the plant cool or control the levels of humidity in part of the plant, you probably should not place a steam generator there. However, the reverse is also true. If you need to keep an area hot and/or humid, the steam generator is an ideal piece of equipment to have and to have installed.

Flowrate Is Adjustable

If your plant needs intense pressure and a lot of steam one day, and not so much the next, the steam generator can flex. Most of these generators come with an adjustable flowrate, meaning that you can turn the pressure and the amount of steam up or down with as a little as an hour's difference in time. This level of flexibility and adjustability has made steam generators more desirable than you might think.

Steam Generators are Eco-Friendly

​If your plant is looking for eco-friendly options, then look no further. Steam generators, because they use water and need little in terms of power, are very eco-friendly. Additionally, they do not produce anything that is wasteful or harmful to the environment, and repairs are few and far between.