Proper Charging For Deep-Cycle Batteries

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Deep-cycle batteries, like Trojan batteries, are responsible for powering a number of machines, including golf carts and marine vessels.

The primary difference between a deep-cycle battery and a traditional automotive battery lies in the level of discharge. A deep-cycle battery is designed specifically to discharge most of its charge on a regular basis. Automotive batteries only discharge a fraction of their total charge each time they are used.

Proper charging of your deep-cycle batteries will help to extend the life of these power sources.

Charge after each use.

You must take the time to charge a deep-cycle battery after each use. Because these batteries discharge such a large portion of their total power while in operation, they can become drained quickly.

Failure to charge the battery after each use could leave you with a dead battery. Be sure that you bring the battery to a full charge to extend the life of the device and ensure maximum capacity in the future.

Charge periodically while in storage.

Many people keep a few deep-cycle batteries in storage to ensure that they always have access to a power source. If you are storing some deep-cycle batteries, don't let them sit unattended for lengthy periods of time.

All batteries have the potential to self-discharge during periods of inactivity. This means that your stored deep-cycle batteries are slowly losing their charge, even though they are not being utilized. Periodically charge your stored batteries to ensure they remain at full capacity at all times.

Avoid opportunity charging whenever possible.

There will be some occasions when you will need to slightly extend the life of your deep-cycle battery. Placing the battery on a charger for a short period of time is often referred to as opportunity charging. This type of charging doesn't bring the battery to a full charge but adds enough power to temporarily extend the range of the vehicle to which the battery is providing power.

Don't make a habit of engaging in opportunity charging. You should always try to bring your deep-cycle batteries to a full charge before disconnecting them from the charging device. Interrupting the charge cycle repeatedly could compromise your deep-cycle battery's ability to maintain an adequate charge in the future.

Charging your deep-cycle batteries is an important part of caring for these batteries. Proper charging requires more than just connecting the battery to a charging device. The frequency and style of charging that you use can have a direct impact on battery performance and lifespan.