3 Benefits Of Renting A Rough Terrain Crane

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If you're going to be working in a very simple and reliable environment, then a standard crane rental might be just fine. If your project is even slightly more complicated, though, a rough terrain crane deserves at least some consideration. The same companies that offer other crane rentals often offer rough terrain crane rentals too, and you might be more pleased with this choice for these reasons.

1. You Can Actually Operate the Crane on the Roads

One problem that can be a logistical nightmare is figuring out how you're going to get a crane from one job site to another. With typical cranes, you have to have the right equipment to haul the crane from place to place. With a rough terrain crane, though, simply taking the crane on the road is easy and eliminates a step and the need for a lot of equipment.

2. You'll Help Reduce the Chances of the Crane Being Damaged While You're Renting It

You do not want the crane that you're renting to be damaged while it's in your possession. This will put a stop to your project until the crane can be repaired, and you may not want to be held responsible for any damage to the crane, either. A rough terrain crane is better able to withstand tough use, though, so damage is less likely.

3. You Won't Have to Worry About Stopping and Changing Equipment During Your Project

While you've got your crane rental and are working on your project, you might find yourself needing to tackle new tasks that you didn't even think about. When this happens when you have a regular crane rental, you may have to stop what you are doing because the crane that you're using might not be suitable for the project. For example, if you need to move the crane from one location on your job site to another and if the location where you'll be working has rougher terrain, you will not want to take a more traditional crane to the new area. This might require you to completely stop progress for the day until you can make other arrangements, and it may require you to spend the extra money to rent yet another crane to help with getting the job done. If you rent a rough terrain crane from the start, though, you'll be ready for any changes in your project, so you won't have to rent more than one crane or put a stop to the progress.