Need A Finish On Metal Products? 2 Types Of Powder Coating And The Coating Process

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If you need to put a finish on metal products, you have different options. One option is using solvent-based paint as a coating. The other option you have is using a powder coating. To help you decide, below are two different types of powder coating you can choose from. You will also find information about the powder coating process.

Thermoplastic Coating

Thermoplastic coating flows easily onto the metal without having any type of reaction. This is because thermoplastic coating is lightweight, which means that less powder needs to be used to achieve the right thickness. This type of coating is sticky when first applied but completely smooth when it dries. How much is used depends on the type of product you are placing the coating on.

If you are concerned with the environment, thermoplastic coating can be recycled. This is because it can be removed from a product and reshaped and remolded to be used again on another product.

Thermoplastic powder coating is resistant to corrosion, chemicals, and chipping. This type of coating is also not slippery once it dries.

Thermoset Powder Coating

Thermoset powder coating is thin and durable, and it creates a tight seal on the product it is placed on. As with thermoplastic coating, thermoset powder coating is recyclable.

This type of coating holds up well to high temperatures, is resistant to scratching, and will last on the product for a long time. When the coating dries, it gives a good appearance, so the product looks more aesthetic.

Chemicals are sprayed to coat the product first. When the powder coating is placed on the product, it mixes with these chemicals. This causes the powder to harden, improving the durability of this powder coating.

The Process of Powder Coating

First, the product is pretreated by cleaning to ensure all dust and debris are removed. If there are any scratches on the product, these scratches will be sanded down until the surface is smooth. There are special chemical pretreatment products that are used to do this.

The powder coating is sprayed onto the product using a special type of spray gun. Some companies dip the products in the plastic for a quicker application. This does depend on the product. For example, if there are any type of fasteners, screws, and so on, dipping would not be recommended because plastic would build up inside the holes.

Talk with a company that provides the powder coating process, and they can give you much more information.