Creating Custom Tools And Workbenches For Your Business

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Manufacturing a product often means buying specialty tools to do the job, but sometimes the tool you need does not exist yet because no one has had a need for it. The way you manufacture your product may be totally different and unique, so where do you go to have a new tool or custom jig made? Often you will need to enlist the help of a steel or metal fabrication shop.

Designing Custom Tools

It is believed that Plato may have been one of the first to use the phrase "Necessity is the mother of invention...", though it may not be the first use in history. Whatever the origin of the phrase, it still holds true: often we need a tool or device that does not yet exist, so we create it. Sometimes that means scrawling the design on some paper and asking a fabricator to make it; other times it means getting an engineer involved to work out the design and how to make the tool function the way we need it to function. In either case, a good fabricator will be able to work with you to make the tool you need and alter it until it does precisely what you need it to do.

Steel Jigs and Racks

If you manufacture a product that has to be assembled along the way, a special jig might be required to hold all the pieces in place until the fasteners are installed. Because the jig will need to have a frame and potentially some moving parts, enlisting the help of a metal fabrication shop to make the jig you need is often your only option. The jig can be constructed to sit on a table if it is small enough, or maybe the design will have a custom stand incorporated in as well. Your fabricator can build it either way and get you up and running.

Creating Strong Workspaces

In any industrial setting, the workspace you give people has to support the activity that they need to perform. A workbench that supports a lot of weight may need to be made from heavy steel tubing, while a small bench might not need to be as durable. Using a steel fabrication shop to build the workbenches is the best way to get the layout or design you need while also getting the strength you want. If you can have the benches built at your location, moving them into place will be much easier; if you are using a shop to make the benches, they may want to build them off-site where they have the tools and space required to complete the work for you.

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