5 Important Factors To Take Into Account When Buying An Air Compressor

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An air compressor is a vitally important piece of equipment that can be used in a wide variety of manufacturing and industrialapplications to hook power tools up with the necessary pressure to get them working.

You need to make sure you choose the right air compressor model to meet all of your needs and suit all of the tools you need the compressor to power. The following are five important factors you'll want to consider when you're on the market for a new air compressor:

The CFM rating

Of all the ratings that an air compressor is given, the CFM (cubic feet per minute) rating is probably the most important for you to consider. This rating is an indication of the speed with which the compressor will supply air to power equipment. 

Your tools probably come along with an appropriate air compressor CFM rating that will ensure their proper operation. To figure out what CFM rating you need for your compressor, take a look at the CFM ratings of the tools you will be using it with. 

The sound produced when the air compressor is in operation

Air compressors tend to be noisy, but some models are louder than others. A compressor will typically come with a decibel rating to indicate how loud its operation is. 

Opt for lower decibel compressors where possible if excessive noise is something that's going to bother you or create distractions at your worksite. 

The size of the air compressor's tank

An air compressor typically works by filling its tank with pressurized air and then powering tools that are hooked up to it until the tank is empty. Then, the air compressor will have to take a break to refill the tank.

The larger the tank, the longer workers can continue using tools that are hooked up to the air compressor before the tank will need to refill. A larger tank can therefore make your worksite more productive.

The portability of the compressor's shape

A lot of people make the mistake of focusing too much on weight when determining portability and not enough on shape. Even a somewhat heavy portable compressor can offer greater convenience than a lighter model if it is fitted with convenient handles that make transporting the compressor easy. 

Protective shrouding on portable models

If you're using a portable air compressor, you should consider the fact that it will probably take a beating en route and once you're at the site working. 

A portable air compressor model should come with an adequate amount of exterior shrouding that protects vital components like gauges and outlets from damage. Inadequate shrouding means that wear and tear will come prematurely to your air compressor. For more information, visit a site like http://www.kruman.com.