Considerations When Deciding to Buy an Acetylated Wooden Garden Gate

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Garden gates are an important part of the style of a home and its yard. Those who have created a great garden and built a high-quality fence around it deserve to have a gate that is sturdy, reliable, and looks great. That's why acetylated wooden garden gates are such a great idea.

Wood Gates Can Last A Long Time

Anyone who is looking for a great garden gate for their backyard should consider wood. While steel and aluminum gates have their advantages, wood typically looks more natural and integrates well with a garden. It can also last a surprisingly long time when treated properly. When managed with regular maintenance and treatment, it can last over 150 years.

Another major advantage is the fact that it tends to look better as it ages. Metal gates usually corrode and end up looking worse over the years. Wooden gates are particularly nice if the homeowner uses acetylated wood to improve the quality of the gate.

How Acetylation Can Help

Acetylated wood has been treated with acetyl chemicals to make it stronger. It differs from pressure-treated wood in that it uses a different chemical process to enhance the strength of wood on a cellular level. It will focus on the cell walls in the wood, increasing their strength and making them more durable to weathering elements.

As a result, acetylated wood is a great investment for someone who wants to install a wooden gate. It can typically be found in most hardware shops and requires no special preparation or cutting techniques to work with it.

Why It's Great For Garden Gates

Beyond the sturdy nature of acetylated wood is its non-toxic and environmentally-friendly nature. While it has been treated with chemicals, these chemicals are non-toxic to the environment. As a result, animals or even people visiting the garden won't get sick by interacting with the gate. It is also recyclable, meaning it can be reused if it gets damaged or needs to be repaired.

It also only costs a little bit more than non-treated wood. As a result, those who are focusing on creating a high-quality garden gate don't need to worry about paying too much to get the sturdy and reliable gate that they want for their home and yard.

Beyond all of these benefits, acetylated wooden garden gates just look better than heavier and bulkier steel gates. All of these benefits make them a great choice for anyone who wants their garden to stand out from their rest of their block. To get your fence installed, talk to a professional today, like those at Incom Inc.