Keeping The Warehouse Ice Free In Winter

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Ice or freezing rain can present a problem for any industrial warehouse. Not only might it cause a problem for the roof, it could also affect pipes and pumps that you need if you want work to continue. Take the following advice about how you can control ice in your own facility.

Try Heat Cables

If your building has a flat roof, standing ice can be a possible hazard. It can be weighty, and depending on the amount of ice and the condition of your roof, there could be a partial or full cave-in. Not only would that ruin some inventory and cause damage to the interior of the space, it could delay projecfs and even injure people. For that reason, heating cables are must.

Heat cables, also called heating cables, are electric-powered and mounted on the surface of the roof. When it rains or  snows during the cold weather, you can plug them in, or if you have an advanced set of cables, wait until the temperature monitor kicks in so the cables heat up. The warm cables can prevent any snow or water from freezing so that ice doesn't form.

De-Ice Without Damaging Equipment

If ice should form on exterior pipes, you'll need to warm them without damaging them. If you plan to use a scraper, ensure that you are using one that will not puncture the pipes if you're too vigorous in your efforts. You may want to use electrical tape to wrap and warm the pipes just as you use heat cables on the roof. 

When your pipes are visibly frozen, in addition to de-icing them on the outside, you've got to make sure they won't burst because of ice buildup on the inside. Be sure you take measures to flush the inside of your pipes with warm, not boiling hot water. Ensure that the pipes are insulated with some foal sleeves to cut down on the chance of ice buildup.

Enclose Pumps in Warm Area

You should also be watching for signs of ice buildup on any external water pumps. To de-ice them and prevent future problems, enclose them in a constructed structure where you can place ceramic heaters to ensure that the temperature never drops too low.

With these ideas, ice no longer needs to be a problem for our warehouse. Discuss your facility with retailers to discuss what other measures you can take.

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