3 Tips For Starting A Recycling Program In Your Neighborhood

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As it gets closer to summer and the days get longer, without the looming expectation of school 40 hours a week, it's almost inevitable that your kids will want to spend time at the neighborhood pool, park or recreation center. Each of those situations present with the likelihood of frequent food and beverage consumption, along with the corresponding need for disposing of the trash from eating and drinking. Therefore, it's often quite shocking to discover that recycling programs don't yet exist in all of the aforementioned locations. Alternatively, you might discover that the programs currently in place are inadequate or otherwise need to be improved to maximize their efficiency. If you're interested in remedying that problem in your area, you're likely to find the following advice to be quite useful.

#1—Determine What Services Are Available In Your Area And What Features Are Being Accessed Now  

If you are lucky, you will find that your garbage company has recycling programs that are available, but your community is not yet accessing all of the options they can. Common recycling measures that you might be able to take advantage of include providing more boxes, bins and other receptacles to hold recyclable materials. Those containers need to be clearly marked and placed near areas where food and beverages are likely to be consumed, as well as the corresponding entries and exits of all buildings and covered areas. Recycling is only successful when everyone can easily and quickly access the appropriate containers for their recyclable waste, so finding and fixing any underserved recycling needs is often useful. 

Unfortunately, you might find that there are not yet any existing recycling programs in the areas and facilities where you hope to implement changes. In that instance, your best bet is to obtain data on the services that could be accessed, along with the fees, incentives, and requirements of each option. Then, determine which person or persons you can talk to about your concerns and suggestions, as mentioned next.

#2—Find A Community Partner To Assist With And Help You Gain Approval  For The Programs

You probably know that you cannot simply walk into a community with a few recycle boxes and signs and expect to implement changes. Whether you hope to improve the existing programs or set-up the first recycling program in that building or area, you will need an advocate and in some situations, community support and approval for the programs. Therefore, you can start finding a community partner or advocate by contacting the local parks and recreation administration offices or by determining the name of the group that manages the facilities that need recycling services. 

In addition, it only makes sense that most administrators would not want to be known as the person who refused to consider updating or starting a recycling program, but finding the right person to help you might be difficult. Be sure to ask to be referred to the right person each time you speak with someone who cannot help. Eventually, you will probably find the right person. Attending a homeowner's association or community meeting might also permit you to bring attention to your idea and make networking for a recycling advocate to be easier.

#3—Make Recycling As Easy And Painless As It Is To Dispose Of Trash That Will Not Be Recycled  

An unfortunate fact of life is that while most people know how important it is to recycle, many people will not do so if the process is not easy. As a result, some areas have opted to include recycling containers near every garbage can and others have replaced some of the standard trash cans with recycling bins. By eliminating any unnecessary work as you can on the part of visitors and guests, you're making it easier for people to do the right thing and recycle. 

In conclusion, starting a recycling program in your area can be both challenging and rewarding for you and your children. If you hope to implement a program in your community, it is a good idea to be aware of the tips shared above. For more information, contact companies like Parks & Sons of Sun City, Inc.